Studio Shopping List: Coffee

Maybe I should replace this with a photo of my Keurig, huh?

Behind the scenes

My studio has two rooms and three coffee makers.

In college, my ritual to get into that creative mode was to grab a Seattle’s Best from the A-Wing coffee cart at Stockton. For a few years after graduation, I was a barista at the hospital coffee bar, Second Cup.

To call me a coffee enthusiast would be an understatement. I have a Mr Coffee Coffee Pot at my studio, but somehow I usually drink the whole pot.

I was never a big fan of the k-cup. Pre-ground, more expensive, and they generate more trash. BUT – and this is a big ol’ butt – the little cups keep my caffeine intake in line.

And those fresh, convenient pods keep my hands from shaking – so they’re basically art supplies, right?!

Best K-Cups, IMHO

These are the coffee pods that I keep stocked in my studio:


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